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Advertise by the end of April 2019 and get up to 40% DISCOUNT on selected Advertisement!

      ● Banners: up to 40%
      ● Mailing: 40%
      ● Ad Box:  up to 40%

Note, the amount of advertising in this offer is limited!
Why advertise on
● is one of the largest and most popular Polish portals in the UK.
● Our Internet users in 85% of those aged 20-40 years, working with high purchasing power.
● The monthly number of unique users of 311,000. - The most among Polish portals in the UK!
● Monthly, our website is visited over 630,000 times
● The portal is monitored by Google Analytics.
Available advertising

We offer you the choice of the following banners:

▪ Billboard (728 x 90 pixels) - available throughout the portal
▪ Square (300 x 250 pixels) - available throughout the portal
▪ Standard (460 x 60 pixels) - in the section News and Forums

Banners are sold on impressions - the customer selects the number of impressions, location (channel) and the duration of emission. The basis for billing is the cost of 1,000 impressions .

* There is the possibility of capping and geotargeting. There are also banners: Top Layer, Expandable, Double Billboard, skyscraper - more information please call or e-mail.

Prices (SPECIAL OFFER until April 30 2019)
Banner Home page All channels (ROS)
Billboard £7 £4.20 £3 £2.10
Square £7 £4.20 £3 £2.10
Standard - £5 (articles only)
To order call on 0203 0266 918 or send email to marketing(at)  
Ad Boxes

It is a permanent graphic-and-text advertising in the right block of portal. Purchased ads are visible on every page views. Extremely efficient, allows for constant advertising presence at low cost

Ad Boxes consist of three elements:

Title - for example, product name or slogan that describes the product, up to 30 characters.
Description - an extended description of the product, plain text,
2 lines, up to 80 characters.
Photograph with dimensions of 70 x 50 pixels


Monthly cost (SPECIAL OFFER until April 30 2019)
Home Page £240 £199 (-17%)
Forum £220 £130 (-40%)
Reading room £220 £130 (-40%)
Classified £160 £130 (-19%)
The entire portal £840 £500
To order call on 0203 0266 918 or send email to marketing(at)
Sponsored article

▪ Article title is visible on the Home Page in
"Work and Money" or "News" section
▪ The title is highlighted
▪ The maximum length of the article is 5000 characters
▪ article may contain up to 4 photos
▪ The minimum period of exposure to 1 week

There is a possibility to publish an article as a Top Story in the "Work and Money"

Monthly cost:
section "News" £ 350 / week
section "Work and Money" £ 250 / week
Top Story in the "Work and Money" £ 100 / day
To order call on 0203 0266 918 or send email to marketing(at)  

Advertising sent to users via e-mail portal in the form of HTML. The database has at January 1, 2015 80.000 addresses.

The cost of mailing (SPECIAL OFFER until April 30 2019):   
One-time sending: £800 £480
To order call on 0203 0266 918 or send email to marketing(at)  
These are the simplest but still effective form of advertising.  

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