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True Obsession Ltd

Adres firmy
9 York Place
Staffordshire, ST5 2AH
Informacje kontaktowe
Tel.: 01782619421

Opis / profil firmy

True Obsession brings together an unparalleled selection of the world’s finest natural and organic beauty products.

Our products are used by many SPA centers in the world so our company provides you professional cosmetics at your fingertips so Discover the aromatic world of True Obsession.

Our extensive range of natural cosmetics products meets the expectations of even the most demanding customers. Syrian treasures from Aleppo, French products made by soap makers from Marseilles, Argan Oils- the Moroccan elixir of youth, Shea Butters with 75% share of Shea or the wealth of the Dead Sea, tempt you with their excellent quality, competitive prices, and most of all invaluable skin care properties. The simplicity of their use combined with our professional advice let us meet all your needs so as to effectively stimulate your senses and enhance your beauty.

At our online shop, you can find the high-quality natural products from famous companies like Stara Mydlarnia which sell certificated natural and handmade products. Our products are certified organic beauty skincare products hold Eco-Cert, BIO-Cert, and Organic- Cert.

Our Eco Formula:
no sles, sls, als
no formaldehyde
no paraffin oils
no parabens
no ethanolamines
no peg-s
no vaseline

We carefully consider all our packaging to ensure that it is best for our products while minimizing its impact on the environment.

We hope you enjoy the difference that is True Obsession

Few words about our Stara Mydlarnia:

Stara Mydlarnia is a Polish brand which was born of dreams, passion and inspiration by nature, as well as the love for beauty whilst looking for pleasurable unforgettable moments in the privacy of home SPA.
Stara Mydlarnia is not only about cosmetics, but about the feeling of being special, comfort and the moments of spoiling ourselves in everyday busy life. We would like everyday care to be for you the ritual of beauty.
While caring about health and beautiful life we constantly pursue new ideas to even more improved recipes for cosmetics by combining tradition with modern solutions, so as to create healthy, natural products providing 100% of satisfaction and pleasure.
Recognised brand
Stara Mydlarnia for almost 15 years has offered cosmetics for face, body and hair hygiene, and the products for aromatherapy with carefully chosen ingredients of mostly natural origin and stunning effectiveness. Nowadays, Stara Mydlarnia is a recognized brand in Poland and abroad, which is thriving and cares about its Customers.
We strive to our cosmetics be of the highest quality by selecting reliable suppliers of raw materials. They are very often indigenous Polish companies, and international producers with significant experience in cosmetology too.
We discover beauty
Our customers appreciate our cosmetics because of their naturalness, active components, which have such beneficial impact on skin. They are safe, smooth and environmentally-friendly. They smell beautiful and are very appetizing. An addition of Polish herbs from organic farming, plant extracts, and nutritious oils such as argan, macadamia, babassu or jojoba and shea butter or vegetable glycerine makes our Customers willingly choose everyday naturalness of the Stara Mydlarnia's products. We are keen on using Polish chamomile, sage, rosemary, mint, nettle, marigold to take advantage of the curative power of herbs.
Our cosmetics do not contain SLS/sles, parabens, PEGs, EDTA, silicones, vaseline, mineral oil. They are rich in anti-ageing ingredients, protect against antioxidant stress, improve microcirculation and resistance to harmful external factors.
The safety of our cosmetics is verified by modern research laboratory which conducts tests within microbiology, physicochemical, dermatology and general use.
An important part of our operation is the manufacturing of entirely hand-made soaps in blocks "Handmade soap by Stara Mydlarnia”,it has distinguished us in the market from the very beginning. Our bath bombs present equally tasty smell and look. They contain precious oils, herbs, and dried flower petals.


Bath Bombs , Bath Salt , Natural Cosmetics, Vegan Cosmetics

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