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2007-12-06 14:45 (10 lat temu)


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Konto zablokowane

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jestem w trakcie przerejestrowania auta polskiego w uk czy wystarczy naklejka na liczniku z milami czy trzeba cały licznik wymienic ?:-(
1) Prawdziwi fceci nie jedzą miodu , prawdziwi faceci żują pszczoły ............2) Ponosze pełną odpowiedzialność za porady udzielane przez Richmond.

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2007-12-06 15:12 (10 lat temu)

Uczestnik nie jest zarejestrowany



The purpose of this document is to explain the Mutual Recognition process, also known as the Commission Notice Procedure. This is a procedure that can be used, as appropriate, in order to provide a certificate that can then be used to aid the registration of a vehicle passenger car imported from another European Union country. To go through this procedure certain documentation and payment is required. We require the full paperwork and payment before we can issue the relevant certificate.
Applications must be made in writing with the original documents. However, completed certificates may be collected in person by prior arrangement.
We do not provide final registration for a vehicle. In order to arrange this, you will need to contact your local DVLA office. For more information about vehicle registration, contact DVLA’s Customer Enquiry Unit on 0870 2400010.
The following information is accurate at the time of writing (July 2005) but in order to avoid delays in processing you application, you are advised to contact VCA (details at the end of this document) to check that no changes have since been introduced.
Please note that this scheme only applies to passenger cars that are less than 10 years old from the date of first registration. If your vehicle is more than 10 years old, then please contact the DVLA to for further instructions The following will be required in order to process your application..
1a) The original European Certificate of Conformity
This is an A4 sized document, issued by the vehicle manufacturer, with either 38 or 51 numbered items that is vehicle specific
1b) The original foreign registration document and a Commission Notice letter from the vehicle manufacturer or authorized UK representative
Please note it must be the original registration document and not a copy. The Commission Notice letter compares your vehicle with the UK Type Approved specification (or its nearest equivalent). If you need to contact the vehicle manufacturer then VCA holds a list of contact numbers.
2) A written statement from the applicant confirming that the following items are fitted to the vehicle:
• That a fog light has been fitted to the rear offside, or centre line, of the vehicle.
• That the headlamps have been permanently adjusted to be suitable for use on the left hand side of road, namely that the beam is adjusted to dip left. Please note that stickers, beam deflectors and other non-permanent changes are not acceptable.
• That a speedometer has been fitted which is capable of indicating speed in both miles per hour and kilometres per hour, either simultaneously, or separately, by operation of a switch.
• That side repeater indicators have been fitted.
• That rear seat belts have been fitted. If they are not fitted because the car in question is a two seater you should mention this in your statement.
This statement should also confirm which of these items have been fitted as standard to the vehicle and which have now been changed to conform to the UK requirements. Where changes have been made we need to see the original garage receipts that relate to these changes.
3) Payment
Payment, per vehicle, is £65. This payment includes an application fee of £35.00 so in the event of you application being cancelled only £30.00 will be refunded.
PLEASE NOTE: cash payments will NOT be accepted
We can accept payment by the following methods:
Credit Card: If paying by credit card you would need to complete the relevant details of our credit card form. This is available towards the end of this document
Postal Order: These are obtainable from a UK based Post Office
Cheque: It should be noted that payment by personal cheque will incur a delay of 10 working days whilst we wait for payment to clear.
Regular customers may wish to consider opening a ‘prefunded’ account. For further details on this contact our Finance branch (details below).
All payments should be made payable to the “Vehicle Certification Agency” (or “VCA”;).
Commission Notice Enquiries:
Mr Chris Palmer
The Vehicle Certification Agency
No 1 The Eastgate Office Centre
Eastgate Road
Bristol BS5 6XX
Tel: 0117 952 4191
Fax: 0117 952 4144
E-mail: <a href="" target="_new"></a>
Finance Section
Mr Robin Wills
The Vehicle Certification Agency
No 1, The Eastgate Office Centre
Eastgate Road
Bristol BS5 6XX
Tel: 0117 952 4154
Fax: 0117 952 4146
E-mail: <a href="" target="_new"></a>
Because we require sight of original documentation we would suggest that all documents are posted to us using a secure method such as recorded or special delivery. We will return your documentation, along with the VCA issued certification, by first class recorded delivery. If requested we can arrange to return your documents via Special Delivery but please phone to discuss this before submitting your application as we would have to charge you the cost of this service.

Wklejam calosc z *.pdf, moze sie jeszcze komus przyda.

link do strony z pozostalymi moto informacjami

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2007-12-06 15:24 (10 lat temu)


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Carpe diem.

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